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We design and build robust digital platforms and apps that reflect your vision and turn every interaction into a lovable experience.

iOS Apps

Swift, SwiftUI, React Native and Expo

Android Apps

Kotlin, Jetpack Tools, Flutter and React Native

Our approach

We approach technology solutions with multiple dimensions of collaboration. First and foremost, we partner with you to create the best solution to your business. We also collaborate seamlessly with our Design team, ensuring the technology solution reflects your brand’s promise and experience. We use Agile best practices such as Sprint-based development and quick releases of functionality. In short, we’re iterative, transparent, and believe the simplest solution is usually the best.

Product Strategy

Design has a huge impact on whether people will enjoy using an app. It’s about finding the perfect balance between being visually engaging and highly functional.

Design Thinking Workshops

For big, abstract ideas or new products

Design Thinking workshops consist of employing logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning to solve tricky problems. We explore things like the product vision, user personas, user journeys and a roadmap to get it up and running.

Design Sprints

For focused and directed ideation

Design Sprints take traditional design thinking methodologies and compress them into a five-day process to answer critical business questions with sketching, prototyping and testing. Learn more about how Design Sprints work.

UX Design

Designing the experience

We’ll create wireframes that map out the new app experience based on the user journeys and key flows developed during the strategy phase.


Uploading to App stores

Getting an app live on the web or submitting an app to the App Store can be a tricky process, but we will help you along the way to get your app published, so you can start monetizing.

The ultimate deliverable

A product people love

Et voilà. By the end of the process, you get a digital product that matches your vision and that your audience will absolutely love using.

You’re in good company

We use the industry's best tools and platforms.

Our capabilities

As a full service digital agency, Tachom uniquely provides our clients with integrated multidisciplinary teams across these threee areas.


Competition Analysis
Adjacent Industry
Product & Service Innovation
Service Design
Data Science


Experience Design
UI Design
Design Systems
Information Architecture


Custom Enteprise Software
Enterprise Resource Planning
Mobile Applications
Customer Management Systems
Conversational UI & Bots

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