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We create websites that are both functional and energising, providing users with a holistic experience that will make them want to take action.


We build websites using a super modern tech stack and static / server rendering, giving your website unparalleled performance.


We use a set of tools during our design and development process to ensure your site is effectively usable by a wide range of people.


We pay particular attention to technical SEO, including things like structured and meta data to keep you ranking high on Google.


Sites deployed using our stack come with free Let’s Encrypt SSL, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Continous Deployment

Forget copying files to a server. Continuous deployment integrations mean your site will automatically deploy every time you commit.

Content Editing

We use a headless CMS, meaning you and your team can edit your content and images on the fly, no coding required.

Our approach

First we define the marketplace pressures, emerging trends and business objectives of your brand. Next we speak with customer and non-customers alike to define opportunities to transform your customer experience. Those opportunities quickly transition into holistic design and experience concepts that point the way to the future of your brand. With an eye towards business realities, technical platforms and customer needs, we create an experience roadmap that becomes a digital blueprint for your organization's digital transformation. Then, we design, build and iterate with user testing guiding us along the way.


UI/UX Design

Defining the user experience

We’ll create wireframes that map out the new website experience based on the architecture defined in your brief and our discussions.

Design Systems

Structuring our design

We’ll design the new site as scalable as possible, starting with a component-based design system so pages can be built seamlessly.

The ultimate deliverable

A stunning website

By the end of our process, you get to share a brand-spanking new, beautiful website you’re proud of, reflective of who you are and remarkably easy to navigate.

Curious about our technology?.

You’re in good company

We use the industry's best tools and platforms.

Our capabilities

As a full service digital agency, Tachom uniquely provides our clients with integrated multidisciplinary teams across these threee areas.


Competition Analysis
Adjacent Industry
Product & Service Innovation
Service Design
Data Science


Experience Design
UI Design
Design Systems
Information Architecture


Custom Enteprise Software
Enterprise Resource Planning
Mobile Applications
Customer Management Systems
Conversational UI & Bots

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